Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is quite a major cog in the SEO engine, it adds power to your website SEO and by co-ordinating social media marketing with your existing SEO, you could attract a lot more traffic to your website.

What is Social media? It is a collective term for all those websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc.These are hubs where people gather and socialize.

When I started marketing websites back in 1994 the term ‘SEO’ didn’t exist, neither did Google but SEO became the standard phrase for tweaking websites in an effort to beat the search engines.

I am a genuine online marketing pioneer and in the dim and distant past only businesses had websites, now even an average granny has an online presence and with the wizardry available some of those could rival the quality of one produced by a technically minded teenager.

Just a few years ago the standard SEO strategy pivoted around link Building.

Today, link building as a prime SEO tactic is completely and utterly dead.

Link building once worked because it was a way for Google to measure the popularity of websites but now it has better, more efficient ways, it’s called social media.

Whether you like Facebook and Twitter or not, it’s all part of social media and crucial to your online presence as well as your search engine rankings.

To many businesses, social media is a confusing mass of chitter-chatter and makes no real sense. It can also appear to be a very strange way of growing a business. To add to this it can be a very difficult marketing strategy to measure.

Not too long ago there were crude equations such as building X amount of links and creating Y amount of SEO content pages.

Here’s two words I want to introduce into the mix;

  • Static
  • Dynamic

The old style of SEO was very static.
The new strategy is about being very dynamic.

It’s about being engaged and interactive with your audience, getting involved and genuinely reaching out. The only place you can make this happen is on the Social media wagon.


Link building was and still is social proofing.

Link building was all about “votes” for your website. The more votes you got, the better your website. SEO companies quickly saw the potential in this and added another string to their bow by building links manually.

Then the techies started to create clever link building software, suddenly and overnight boosting a websites back links with thousands and thousands of fake votes.  Google was on the case and to counter all of this fake voting it calculated that some of the votes ought to have a higher value than other votes.

In the true sense of ‘where there’s an action, there’s a reaction’ –  SEO experts began creating special websites with the cream of votes.

These websites had nothing but the highest value back links until Google finally discovered that SEO link building would never really work on a long-term basis for ranking websites.

The ball was well and truly in Google’s court and it started to penalise websites that had “fake votes”

The ethos behind link building as a search engine ranking factor is still a very good idea,however it has been diluted and too easy to manipulate.

Google whether it liked Facebook and Twitter or not was forced to look towards social media because it does pretty much the same thing although very difficult to manipulate. At the end of the day link building has always been about social proofing.

Time to “crowd source” your link building with Social Media.

Twitter or Facebook or LinkedIn are all about gathering ‘followers’, attracting people to ‘follow you’,these people can share your website content and in short, that’s what social media is all about … being social!

Let’s assume you write new content for your website, you can share it on Twitter and also encourage your followers to also share it, so that their followers read it too, and perhaps share it.

If you add social buttons to your website, it allows visitors to share those pages on social media sites and thus provide people with the facility to quickly and easily “vote” for your content.

It’s a numbers game and although many may never become real customers, it isn’t important at this stage. The strategy is to build social buzz around your website.

Being social is certainly the quickest method of multiplying your online presence.

SEO Watford HertsThink about old school SEO link building as leaving “signs” to your website, but these signposts are always in places where nobody is actually looking, a sign in the wilderness.

Social media is the total opposite, think about busy club, buzzing with interaction and activity constantly happening in real time almost all of the time.

Where would your business rather be? If you want it in the busiest place in town, it is crucial that you have a social media presence.

When you make that move, it’s not just about being in the social media and never or rarely post anything. You havet to be pro-active, social and engage with people. It really is the fastest method to multiply your online presence – why?  simply because it is where everyone else is. Put your website in front of the right people and you can build this buzz around your business.