SEO Explained

SEO is all about delivering the right information to enhance the website’s visibility in search engines, and to achieve this, you need that fine balance of quality content with good keyword weight and density.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation or optimization if you like American spelling and prefer to put the zed (or zee) into it!. SEO is about making your website search engine friendly and compliant.

There is a fine balance in getting the SEO in your website just right and it is far too easy to over-SEO in which case the likes of Google could penalise your website because you’ve gone over the top, even unwittingly over enthusiastic SEO may be considered spammy.
Search engine optimization isn’t about making massive changes to your website and using some form of black art. It is more about making small but smart modifications to certain areas.Herts SEO ConsultantThink about a series of connected cogs, inspecting each one individually doesn’t show how the entire machinery functions but when we see them linked with other cogs, we can see the importance. SEO is pretty much the same.

I constantly argue about the term “search engine optimisation”, because it should be ‘website optimisation’ in reality we are not, or should not be optimising to impress search engines but fine tuning the website first and foremost for what is in the best interest of the visitors to our website.

Too many webmasters attempt to manipulate search engines by tweaking web page elements in an effort to boost their search engine ranking and results instead of focusing on what visitors really want to read.Quality content is the key and this is what helps  the search engines to find your website.

I have spoken with hundreds, probably thousands of website owners who have spent vast amounts of time focusing on SEO tweaks believing they will gain extremely high ranking results in the organic results of search engines but to no avail.

There comes a time when fiddling with a website in blind attempts to boost search engine rankings has to stop and put the professionals under the bonnet!