Herts SEO Experts St.Albans HertfordshireLet’s go back to the dim and distant past, way back to 1994. It’s interesting that some of today’s  ‘internet marketing experts’ were not yet born.

In fact Google had not been created at the time when  Peter Yexley was looking at this thing called ‘The Information Superhighway’, the internet or worldwide web and he could see it had the power to change the way we would market and promote businesses.

There is no question that Peter Yexley is a genuine internet marketing pioneer and it is true that there are very few remaining today that started back in 1994.

To put things into perspective, Peter at the time was a director of a PLC, publishing a wide range of business-to-business journals that carried advertisements and he tried without success to convince the chairman of the board to explore the internet. It seemed nobody shared Peter’s enthusiasm and foresight, but so convinced that internet marketing was the way forward, he left the comfort of a directorship, company car, pension and private healthcare to start what was possibly the first internet marketing business in the UK.St.Albans SEO experts

Computers were massive, took forever to load and not only needed a ‘modem’ to connect to the internet, you needed another phone line otherwise you couldn’t use both the computer and phone at the same time.

There was no Google, the popular search engines were Excite, Altavista, Lycos, WebCrawler and LookSmart. Most were more like directories rather than a search facility and certainly nothing like the search engine we know today called Google.