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The world is full of internet marketing experts - some are almost as old as I have been promoting and marketing websites!

I've been doing what is now called SEO (Search engine Optimisation) in Hertfordshire for more than 20 years - that's a long time in the worldwide web business..

It is true to say I am a genuine internet marketing pioneer, among just a handful that began promoting websites before Google was actually born.

I pride myself on a 'no frills' approach to SEO, this means I talk in plain English, crystal clear explanations to website marketing with no jargon, no secrets and no small print.

If you know little or nothing about SEO, or you're an enthusiastic DIY SEO person, you will learn something from this website.

Who am I?, my name is Peter Yexley, an online marketing pioneer since 1994.

If you'd like a free quick critique over your own website, just to see how you are doing with your SEO or if you are experiencing problems getting good search results and would like some ideas on what you might be doing wrong; feel free to call me on

01727 825 999

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